Who Is Clarity Media For?

Clarity Media Solutions specialise in helping a wide range of health and well being professionals to promote and grow their businesses. Here are just some of the folks we currently help:

Massage Therapists and Centres

Whether you are just getting started after gaining your massage certificate, looking to refresh your existing business image and profile or trouble shooting why things aren’t flowing like you know they could, we are here to help. We can design and build, update and SEO your website and even create a totally new image if you need it. There is literally no limit to how we can help with start up, hosting, ongoing advanced SEO and much much more.

Take the slog out of building a thriving on line presence today. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Hair Dressers, Beauty Therapists and Nail Professionals

Building a full and profitable client base can be challenging. Finding time to promote your business and optimise your professional image can often add to the burden. Home made websites are cheap but rarely do the job, especially when SEO is inadequate or even entirely omitted along the way. We think you will be amazed at how quick, easy and cost effective it can be to set up a website with our expert help at hand.

Yoga Teachers and Centres

The world of yoga is bursting at the seems these days, with a class on every street corner. It’s an exciting time to become a yoga teacher or even open your own centre but the competition is high. That’s why a fully optimised and professionally designed and built website is essential. The cost of hiring an expert to do this can be very high but our unique process means that there is a way to achieve your dream website much more easily and at a fraction of the cost.

We specialise only in designing websites for yogis, holistic therapies and similar health niches so we understand your unique needs. We can even help you build an on line yoga training course to increase your income.

Why not contact us now to hear more about how we can help you go forward with your business.

Health & Wellness Coaches and Nutritionists

Are you a coach or mentor or perhaps a clinical hypnotherapist or stress management consultant? Do you offer nutritional advice or some other valuable health and well being related services?

If you do and you are not yet fully booked at every appointment that you wish to fill, then it’s likely that either not having a website at all or having one that isn’t fulfilling your requirements is at the root of the problem. We can help you to design and build a website with serious visual and functional impact which will build your profile and provide a serious professional platform for future success. Couple this with our social media assistance perhaps and you will be heading in a brighter direction in no time.

Spiritual Healers, Reiki Practitioners and Masters and Psychics / Mediums

This is another exciting field of current expansion and there has never been a better time to get out in the world sharing your psychic gifts and abilities.

We can help you with the often overwhelming task of building your website and can even maintain it going forward if you need us to. If you need an on line booking system, testimonial videos or even a great app to boost your residual income, then we would love to talk to you right away.

We even offer on line reiki training portals so you can expand beyond merely having physical students and set aside the world of geographical boundaries that you already fully appreciate never existed int he first place.

Complementary Therapy Colleges and Independent Holistic Tutors

Perhaps you are considering a move into offering your own therapy based training courses. Alternatively, maybe you already offer workshops and other training and are considering on line training courses in order to enhance your income and build your business going forward. We offer on line training portals at a fraction of the cost of some of the big providers and will also give you personalised help and advice along the way. You are not just a client reference number to us.

Why not talk to us about taking your existing materials on line and make a move into the world of getting a passive income while you sleep.